Dedicated Fresh water Supplier and Highsea Boats and Barges Operator

Freedom Of Highseas (PVT) Ltd.

In the year 1999, "FREEDOM OF HIGHSEAS PVT LTD" was formed essentially as an ancillary service provider mainly for offshore services to ships and shipping.

As the name suggests, the objective was to provide an efficient service to ships in high seas unfettered by the laws as well as whims and fancies of ignorant authorities who use their power and the laws to such egoistic heights only to bring the efficiency of a ship service to such unattractive levels. Freedom of Highseas took the unprecedented initiative to stem this by moving straight out to high-seas where all mariners enjoyed a relative freedom. Any vessel has the "Freedom of Highseas" to obtain whatever the services required.

Our aim just was to capitalize on that universal law Freedom of Highseas. An "Innocent Passage" in a territory can summon any service; just that one service vessel of ours was named "MT Highsea Passage" as the first

ever private bunker tanker when Freedom of Highseas pioneered the private Bunker supply operation upon liberalization of bunkering in 2002. The Off-Port Limit and Out Of Territory service the founder of this company conceptualized in this country in late nineties finally became an accepted practice realizing the economic potential it inevitably filtered to the country.

Freedom of Highseas is also the company to employ a dedicated Fresh Water supply Tanker of Stainless Steel tanks first time ever in the history of offshore supplies in Sri Lanka. That was a challenge it took employing MT Highsea Challenge dedicated only to supply Fresh Water in the purest form to ships

Freedom of Highsaes employs only a few live working people and fires the dead out so that it maintains as a highly mobile 24/7 contactable outfit small enough to have personal touch and big enough to handle any job

South Asia' s Purest Fresh Drinking Water Straight from Sri Lanka's National Water Mains into Rubber-Lined Stainless Steel Tanks of Dedicated Fresh Water Supply Tanker MT HIGHSEA CHALLENGE with M/E driven Cargo Pumps of 100MT / hr capacity with 3"dia supply hose.