Dedicated Fresh water Supplier and Highsea Boats and Barges Operator

CALTEX Marine Lubricants Distributor

Freedom of Highseas Pvt Ltd as Caltex Marine Distributors for Caltex Marine Products of Chevron in Sri Lanka are pleased to offer our services for supplying high quality Caltex Marine products to your vessels calling Ports of Colombo, Galle and Trincomalee.

We could deliver Caltex Products right upto alongside berth, at anchorage or at OPL by our own transport vehicles, boats or barges.

Our Services

Marine Lubricants Distributor
Freedom Of Highseas (PVT) Ltd

Caltex Marine Products (All ISO Grades)

Engine Lub Oil Dello 1000, 3000, 3400, Gold, Silver
Multigrade Taro 40XL, Taro 30 DP
Special Cylinder Oil Taro Special HT 70
Two Stroke Engine Oil Veritas
Gear & Winch Oil Meropa
Hydraulic Oil Rando
Turbine Oil Regal R&O
Compressor Oil RPM Compressor Oil
Boiler Thermal Oil Texatherm
Grease Starplex ,Marfak,Multifak, Thermatex, Molytex, RPM Grease
Wire Protective compound Talcor SWR

South Asia' s Purest Fresh Drinking Water Straight from Sri Lanka's National Water Mains into Rubber-Lined Stainless Steel Tanks of Dedicated Fresh Water Supply Tanker MT HIGHSEA CHALLENGE with M/E driven Cargo Pumps of 100MT / hr capacity with 3"dia supply hose.