Dedicated Fresh water Supplier and Highsea Boats and Barges Operator

Highsea Boat Operators

Highsea Boat Opearation

At Colombo Anchorage


Agency work

Stores Transfer

Lubricants Supply

Crew Change

Repair work

Diving Work

Hydrographic Surveys

+94 112 717188
+94 112 716554
+94 777 717188
+94 777 714417
+94 114 203873

Highsea II

Own design and construction of this purpose built work boat is used mainly as a Run About for In- Harbour Service

Agency work, Customs and Immigration travel to and from Vessels at Dolphin Tanker Berth.

Crew Ship/Shore Boat

In harbor survey work

Call +94 777 717188 / 777 714417

South Asia' s Purest Fresh Drinking Water Straight from Sri Lanka's National Water Mains into Rubber-Lined Stainless Steel Tanks of Dedicated Fresh Water Supply Tanker MT HIGHSEA CHALLENGE with M/E driven Cargo Pumps of 100MT / hr capacity with 3"dia supply hose.