Dedicated Fresh water Supplier and Highsea Boats and Barges Operator

Ship Agents, Bunker Brokers, Ships Chandlers

Ships Agency

We provide Agency Services for vessels

  • Entering Port for Cargo operations
  • Arriving at Anchorage for Services
  • Arriving at OPL for Bunkering , Fresh Water & Lubes

What are the requirements?

  • ISPS is required in all three areas.
  • ISPS Form available in our ‘ Down Loads’ is to be submitted 48 hrs prior arrival
  • Pro-forma DA to be accepted and Agency appointment made by letter
  • To enter Port P&I cover is required
  • For Port Dues Copy of Tonnage Cert required;
  • Port entry charges to be paid upfront
  • For Cargo work stevedoring charges are to be paid upfront
  • Anchorage charges are only a composite charge based on 100 units of Gross Tonnage at US$ 2.20 per day.
  • At OPL there are no port charges, no documents required other than ISPS
  • We adopt the policy of “Reasonable Agency Fee and all other on actual charges without mark ups”.

Ships Chandling

We handle all ships chandelling requirements for ships in harbor, anchorage or OPL.

  • Provisions
  • Deck Stores
  • Engine Stores
  • Spare Parts

Prices are as per market prices.
Transport and Customs charges & Service Charge applied.

Bunker Brokers

We were the first licensed private bunker supplier when the liberalization of bunkering took place in this country in 2002.

Currently we are only acting as bunker Brokers to all local physical bunker suppliers for

  • MGO
  • IFO 180
  • IFO 380

We would give the most competitive quotation.
Advance Payment required by TT unless prior arrangements are available.

South Asia' s Purest Fresh Drinking Water Straight from Sri Lanka's National Water Mains into Rubber-Lined Stainless Steel Tanks of Dedicated Fresh Water Supply Tanker MT HIGHSEA CHALLENGE with M/E driven Cargo Pumps of 100MT / hr capacity with 3"dia supply hose.