Dedicated Fresh water Supplier and Highsea Boats and Barges Operator


We are glad to announce the regaining of control of MT Highsea Passage with 100% ownership after a lapse of 6 years. As the first ever licensed private Bunker Supplier under Liberalization of Bunkering in 2002, we took delivery of the then 14 year old ex Chemical tanker Highsea Passage from Japan. After 13 years of service as a Bunker Supply vessel, her diverse utility value will be further utilized in yet another ‘first ever’ operation by us in 2015. (We introduced the first ever dedicated fresh water supply tanker Highsea Challenge in Colombo in 2008). With the ‘Rule of Law’ hopefully restored in the country, we hope to develop this business in the Sri Lankan Maritime sector.

MARPOL Convention of the IMO to which Sri Lanka is a signatory, requires port-states to provide reception facilities for waste oil, oily water mixtures commonly known as SLOPS. Although Sri Lanka ratified MARPOL is not given legal effect by Merchant Shipping legislations in Sri Lanka, there are number of ‘Waste Oil Collectors’ licensed by the Marine Environment Protection Agency.

The SLOP collection from ships is hindered to some extent by the lack of dedicated tanker volume as a conduit to transfer the same from ships in harbour or outer anchorage to shore facilities via barging and thro Road Tankers. We have thus decided to employ MT Highsea Passage with 650M3 capacity mainly for SLOP collection whilst being operated as an independent Tanker for Hire on spot basis by licensed Bunker Suppliers, Slop Collectors, Lubricant Suppliers, Ships Agents, Suppliers for any service as a supply tanker or Service vessel.

We as the tanker operator charge only a Barge hire as given in our tariff whilst it is necessary to contract a MEPA licensed slop collector for the process of taking it out of ship to our tanker and thro’ to road tankers to their ‘environmentally’ approved processing plants. The prospective Owners/ Agents inquiring into the Slop collection requirements may either contract them directly using our vessel or contract us to employ them for the removal for which volume based charge is quoted by the collector. The Oily Water removal is charged by them whilst the sludge oil removal may be done free or ‘buy them for a nominal rate ’ if they can recover a reasonable percentage of oil to make a profit. You may find herewith our “Tanker Service Offer” with mere barge tariff for different volumes.

MT HIGHSEA PASSAGE - OIL TANKER ; BUILT: 1987 blt Ex Japanese Chemical Tanker, IRS class Oil tanker ;REGISTRATION: Sri Lankan owned, Sri Lankan Flag,

DIMENSIONS: Lx LBP x Bx D 52 x 48 x 9x 3.9m GRT 526, DWT; 775, Summer Load Draft 3.5m

CARGO TANKS ;Total Capacity of 3 sets (P&S) of Zinc coated Cargo tanks with SS internal valves/fittings ; totaling 650 CBM (Over 600MT IFO) with two cargo pumps of 125 CBM per hr capacity separately connected to Cargo Tanks 1 & 3 by one line and cargo Tank No 2 by another for segregated cargoes

DOUBLE BOTTOM TANKS: 220 CBM capacities can be used as Fresh Water Supply Tanks

MACHINERY: Main Engines Hanshin 900 PS ; Operational Speed 7.5 kts Max 9kts. Consumption max 2.5 KL at 100% RPM; (Average Running 2KL) Idling in port 0.4 KL per 24hrs, Auxiliary engines two Yanmar Generatos

CREW: Total of 9 with including three Officers Master ,Ch Mate, Ch Eng

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Highsea Passage for Slop Collection
Tanker Service offer
Highsea Passage Hire for slops Tariff
Highsea Passage Specifications

South Asia' s Purest Fresh Drinking Water Straight from Sri Lanka's National Water Mains into Rubber-Lined Stainless Steel Tanks of Dedicated Fresh Water Supply Tanker MT HIGHSEA CHALLENGE with M/E driven Cargo Pumps of 100MT / hr capacity with 3"dia supply hose.